Sunday, October 26, 2008

Another Quilt University class

I have spent the weekend trying to catch up on my class work from Quilt University. Started working on a paper pieced angel. Still a work in progress. I have almost completed the 1st 2 lessons from the Machine Embellished Surfaces. I was a bit intimidated about taking this class but know how great these classes are so I hopped in. It has been easier than I thought it would be and can see how these techniques can be used in my art quilts. The first picture is of couching decorative threads and free motion quilting over a variety of specialty yarns and ribbons. The next picture was creating wrinkled fabric I can also use in landscape quilts. The last picture is from the 1st lesson. On the left top a stand alone leaf, bottom a dragonfly. On the right top moss that I plan to use as changing leaves in my landscape quilts, bottom is a stand alone of tree branches. Well off to bed.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Catching up again.

It's been a busy month since the last post. My son's wedding, taking 3 Quilt University Classes, which are pretty time intensive, and getting ready for 2 craft shows in early December. I went to a quilt show with a friend I met through a QU class. We had a great time, saw lots of great quilts. There are so many talented people out there!
Here is a posterized version and the line drawing of my husband's picture in prep for creating a "Realistic Portrait" in fabric. It is from a Quilt University class of the same name. I have completed it to the point I can fuse it all down. I will then start the sewing and thread painting. Up close it doesn't really look like him but from a far it really does - freaky.