Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Going to see the new grandson, the twins and Opportunity Knocking

The day has finally arrived. I am finally going to get my hands on Grady and spend some time with the twins too. The girls are learning how to blow kisses and say "I love you" Have to say it sounds like little lambs bleating but I'm sure it means "I love you Nana and Grandpa". The kisses are thrown using 2 hands and no lip movement. Real kisses will come. If I could figure out how to post the video I would but that will have to wait until I get back. DH will be staying home to take care of the critters.

You never know when opportunity will just slap you upside the head. Yesterday I took some of my quilts in for a couple nurses to see at one of the nursing homes I go to. One person asked if I sold them and I said yes. He asked how much for my red/orange/yellow fracture strip bargello. I named a price and he paid me on the spot! He had just redone his bathroom in a log home in these colors. He has been looking for the "perfect" art for a certain spot and chose my quilt. I am so honored! One of the nurses is now talking to me about making a t-shirt quilt for her college bound daughter.

Today I went to my favorite lunch spot - I treat myself once a week to their food. I just love the Blue Sky Cafe in Fletcher, NC. I digress... I walked in and one of the woman who works there said "...and there is the quilt lady now!" Turns out she had been discussing my quilts (yes, I am shameless and had brought them in for the staff to see one day) with a customer who is looking for someone to do some custom design and quilting/sewing to include bed quilt, coordinating dust ruffle and curtains. She will be in touch when I get back from playing Nana.

Life is good!