Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Barack Obama, George Bush, The Change

I have read so many blogs today that are thanking God we have a new president and change has come. Not one blog has expressed any good sentiment about Mr. George Bush. I am also pleased we have a new president. I am grateful our democratic process works, that we the people have the right to chose who will lead us. I pray the new president leads us well.
I want to be at least one blogger that thanks Mr Bush for his service to this country. Did I agree with all he did? No. Only time will tell us what kind of president he truly was. I was taught not to judge without walking in someone else's shoes. We don't know, what President Bush knew as he made his decisions leading our great nation. Remember the people once elected him too, twice. Our nation has not been attacked since 9/11. Has Mr Bush kept us safe, without us knowing all that he did to keep us safe? Probably. For that I am grateful. The presidency is a difficult job, one I would not want to take on. Have you noticed how each president ages so quickly? President Obama will too. Does this mean I am bashing Obama? No.
I took lunch today with a number of nurses and residents in a nursing home. We sat, all of us white, and tears were in more than a few eyes as we watched the inauguration. Hope is what we talked about, hope is what we crave. Hope that President Obama will also be able to keep us safe, that he will be able to make those hard choices that are going to come his way. Will the American people agree with all he does? No, but we need to give him a chance and the time to let hope come to fruition. Farewell Mr Bush, Welcome President Obama.
Please tell me what you think.