Wednesday, December 24, 2008

All things Quilty

That is what this blog is suppose to be about. I also include tidbits about my family. I belong to a number of lists. The QuiltArt list has a few posts about quilting cars. As I followed the links I found this about a woman who created a quilt on her car using nail polish. I don't believe I would be brave enough to do that. My mom taught me to think about resale value and my car is not an older car that I could do this to. It actually gives me the shivers to think about it. I do like the idea of the car wrap better - no damage to the car paint. I am really intrigued with the idea of wrapping my car in a "quilt" but suspect it would be quite expensive. I am not affiliated with this company and don't know anything about them but it gives you an idea what I'm talking about.

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