Monday, December 29, 2008

Broken hand, no quilting

No, I don't have the broken hand, my sister does. She fell in my driveway on Saturday. We discussed going to the Emergency Room when it happened but we weren't sure it was broken at 1st. She also expected the ER to be busy so it was decided to see how it did. The plan was to go to the ER later, when it might be less crowded. Off to the quilt shops we went, see yesterday's posts. She is a trooper! The hand specifically didn't get better so off we went to the ER to get her hand, ribs and knee checked out. After only 5 hours in the ER it was official - she had a displaced fracture of her "pinky" finger. Knee and ribs checked out OK. Today we got to spend hours and hours at the hand surgeon, who was wonderful! Sis is scheduled for surgery tomorrow afternoon. I will work, DH will bring her to the surgical suite. I will meet her there, stay for the surgery and then bring her home. I am hoping while under the influence of "good" drugs I might hear some interesting info I might not normally hear. Just kidding. We both lead pretty tame lives. If everything goes as planned she will just have a wire to stabilize the joint...worse case is the need for a screw to hold the bone together to heal. I don't think she will be quilting for awhile. We expect she will be able to return home by the weekend. For every black cloud there is a silver lining - we get more sister time.

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