Monday, December 15, 2008

Sorry about the puddle song

After helping a few people learn how to add a subscription link to their blogs I thought I'd go look at widgets. I found and tried adding several widgets to my blog. A Christmas Countdown widget and a pug dog singing. I laughed so hard I almost made a puddle of my own. (I am getting to that age where laughing hard can have unexpected consequences). I hope you all enjoy the song.
Here is another picture from my favorite photographer, Dan my DH. This would make a great quilt don't you think? Enjoy!


Dionne said...

That is a fabulous photograph!

Jan said...

Thank you Dionne. I believe Dan takes great photos. You can see more at his web site - listed on the right side of the blog under links. His pictures always make me happy. All of this photos are for sale as well.
I tried to go to your blog but it indicated it was for invited readers only.
Hope you see you here often.