Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Thought to Ponder - or From the mouths of Babes

I was talking to one of my sisters today when she shared a story of a conversation she had overheard at work earlier this week. She's been thinking about it all week and I suspect now I will too.
There was a small child at the therapy department. The therapist asked the father if the child had been talking about a "pretend mother". The father said he had been. He had been telling his parent his real mommy wasn't perfect but his "pretend mommy" was. This is an interesting concept for a small child; real people aren't and don't have to be perfect but in a pretend world things can be perfect.
None of us are perfect and looking for the perfect anything can make you angry and never really satisfied with what you have or are. During this holiday season I want to remember that my real life isn't perfect but my pretend life can be. I would rather have my real life...warts and all.

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