Thursday, January 29, 2009

Homeless Teen Quilts, TX

One of the blogs I follow is Debra's Design Studio. She has committed to making quilts for homeless teens in TX. When I 1st decided to make a quilt there wasn't anyone to help me. I went to a big box fabric store, it may have been a Joanne's. I bought a starter kit, cutting board, ruler, rotary cutter and a beginning to quilt book. I didn't know anything about perfecting a quarter inch seam, how to design a quilt, nothing at all. I did most of it wrong. Cut my squares using the cutting board as the guide for the size. As you can imagine the quilt didn't come out like I envisioned. For about 10 years has been sitting in a plastic box waiting for it's moment to shine. When I found Debra's blog I knew where this quilt top needed to go. With great glee, I boxed up the top, extra blocks and another quilt top I had created as a Mystery Quilt project New Year's Day 2008 and sent them to Debra. Look what she has created!(Top 1 on the frame, Top 1 completed, Mystery Quilt completed) New homes for quilts and blocks I would never use - it's a wonderful feeling to assist in this worthy project. If you have UFOs, orphan blocks please contact Debra - she can sure use them.

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