Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Mother Lode of Fabric

For those of you who live near Gastonia, NC or are traveling through the Charlotte area should check out Mary Jo's Cloth Store. The have a huge building filled with so many lovelies. I have never been to a store that has such a large selection of fabrics. Make sure you bring your checkbook though because you will be buying LOTS of quality fabric. Mary Jo's has all sorts of fabric, 100% cottons for quilting, home dec, bridal, silks, etc. with unbelievable selections and prices. when I go there it is like eating potato chips, I can't buy just one (thing). I do frequent and support my local quilt shops but every now and again a girl needs to take a trip to Mary Jo's.
I was able to pick up some new fabric book panels so the grandchildren can learn their alphabet, numbers and animals. At the same time they can slobber all over them without causing any harm. I love cloth books...actually I love books period, but that is another passion.

On the family front I received another wonderful photo of my beautiful DIL, DS, and baby Mac. They are going to be such great parents! They are 34 days from the due date. Looking good Teresa!

My sister is able to go home at last. Her hand is healing, pain is improved. Her son is flying up to help with the driving home. I sure have enjoyed her visit even if she has been a "bad influence" on the fabric shopping expeditions.

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