Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Top Dog and Cat Names

Found a link on the login page for MSN regarding pet names. Check out the weird names people have for their pets. I thought some of our nicknames for the furry family were different. I guess our names are relatively normal. Here are pictures by my DH, Dan Houck, (see link to the right) of Nelson Rockefeller, aka Rocky, aka Full Nelson (of Nelson Rockefeller fame), on the quilt I made for DH several Christmases ago. For those who don't know The Rockefellers were big in politics and charities in NY. Our other kitty is Conway Twitty the Kitty, aka Half Nelson or Little Nelson. Little Nelson is no longer so little. Enjoy!

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Julie Bagamary said...

Hi Jan, Great to officially meet you at Fiber Arts this week. Nice blog.

Jan said...

Julie, It was great meeting you too. I just love this group! Everyone is so friendly and supportive. I look forward to seeing what everyone does each month.
I would love to subscribe to your blog but you don't have that option. If you are interested in setting that up I can help you with it., Just contact me off line at and we'll work out the details to get you up and running. Jan