Saturday, May 11, 2013

A little one's birthday

We traveled to Hope Mills, NC this weekend to enjoy family and to celebrate our niece's 1st birthday. It has been a warm and wonderful day. Avery was not sure what to do with the presents but certainly enjoyed all the attention and food.
we have met so many wonderful people today, hope some of us will stay in touch.
When we arrived we had a great surprise, my FIL was already here. It is wonderful to see him, it's been to long. He is down sizing a bit and we were offered a treadle sewing machine! My husband learned to sew on it. It will soon have a new and loving home in NC. Can't wait to get the beauty. It belonged to my FIL's mother. What a great way to have a remembrance of her.
Till next time... happy sewing.


lesthook said...

Hope Mills is one of my neighbors and it was a beautiful day here! Congrats on the machine!

Janet McNamara Houck said...

Thank you. We had a great time in Hope Mills and yes, the weather was perfect.